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Adamah Farms

Adamah Farms


This was a 9 week individual project in my visual design class, where I created a brand identity for an imaginary company called Adamah Farms.

Adamah is a community supported agriculture service that delivers customized produce boxes to the customer’s home, office, or local pick-up site. This page starts with a video walkthrough of the app and website, then goes through the process I went through from creating the company’s branding, to an experience map, then user flow, and then wireframes. 


Adamah Farms - App and Website

Both of the prototypes were created using Keynote, as well as InVision. I tried to demonstrate how a user would be able to navigate through either of them and show how the interactions would work. 



Logo Sketches

Part of the branding process included creating a logo for the company. After creating quick sketches of a few ideas, eventually a certain look and aesthetic came out of them. The name "adamah", which means "ground" or "earth" in Hebrew, also held some influence in my final design.



Experience Map

Taking the perspective of a brand new user, I created a map that demonstrates the user's journey of discovering Adamah, looking at what they have to offer, and purchasing its products. 



Mood Boards and Style Tiles

Several mood boards and styles tiles were created in order to demonstrate the color palette and typography that would be used for the overall visual design.




These wireframes were the first iterations of the app layout. I played around with the general look and feel of each component, especially with the buttons and the idea of putting text overlay on images.



Mobile Flow

A flowchart was created in order to fully understand how the app would work and allowed me to figure out how the screens would transition and connect with each other in the prototype. It also helped me finalize the final look of the overall aesthetic. 



Mobile Screens

The final design used colors that seemed natural and friendly, while allowing the user to be able to choose from pre-packaged boxes, or create their own. They can also view their account information, as well as healthy, nutritional recipes.