Jennifer, Jenni, Jen... feel free to call me by any name you prefer!

As someone who has always had a passion for helping others, my projects revolve around trying to find new ways of making a person's life better. Whether it involves making something as small as a wearable object, or changing something as big as the environment around them, I'm always open to a new challenge. Stories are some of the most important aspects to effectively communicating the user's needs and creating a journey that is compelling and pleasant. Empathy is a crucial point in all of my work, as well as my personality. 

A few of my other interests include playing music, working with young kids, photography, painting, and jewelry making. 

I am currently in my final semester at California College of the Arts in the BFA Interaction Design program, with a minor in Visual Studies. Feel free to ask me about any of my projects, my interests, or my thesis!